About Us

RF Neighbor Electronics has been providing in volume advanced technology RF/ Microwave components since 2002. The main products are VDMOS, LDMOS and power module from Polyfet RF Devices. We provide professional technical support to customer including amplifier design, application and production, and all the related electronic components such as power transistor, RF transformer, ferrite device, cable, resistor, capacitor, etc.

Meanwhile, we design and produce customized products based on the various customer requirements, main products as broadband high power amplifier, high power filter with switch, coupler, etc. As a professional RF/ Microwave components supplier, we have a proud history of providing excellence in service, delivering quality products on time and full technical support to assist customer engineers in selecting and designing our components into their system. We have gathered plenty of experience on product application and system design based on our tremendous efforts since the moment we start our business. We are open for the discussion and willing to share our experience with customers as always.

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